Jan Mitram Kalyan Samiti

Manish Singh

Name of Program
Sanitation Facility for poorest families

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About Program
India is still struggling with the question of how to provide sanitation and clean drinking water to its people .According to WHO report, 80 per cent of the diseases in the country are caused by water, as a result of poor sanitation and far from adequate sewage disposal method. Less than 40 percent people have accessed to a proper toilets and rest they defecate in open .If we go through the development index, we are even below underdeveloped countries in sanitation. It is proper time to change our belief, behavior to save our future generation. This program intends to create a behavioral change in rural people so they willingly construct household toilets and promote hygiene in there vicinity. The progamme is part of CFT Strategy for MGNREGA, where JanMitram is Implementing Agency. Saniattion work is now running in 20 villages of Dharamjiagarh Block of Raigarh district, creating a demonstrative effect in other villages and masses.

Project Purpose/Objective
a) To trigger the community to feel the need of stopping open defection practices. b) To generate collective action at the community level with regard to water and sanitation. c) Cover schools/ Anganwadis in rural areas and promote hygiene education and sanitary habit among students d) To promote low cost Location specific appropriate technologies of household toilets. e) To bring behavioral changes amongst the community on various aspects of water and sanitation.

Cause Sub Cause Beneficiary Type
  • Health
  • Sanitation
  • Making available safe drinking water
  • Promoting preventive health care and sanitation
  • Environment
  • Rural poor
  • Tribal population
  • Women

A.IEC and awareness Campaign: - Information, Education and communication are important component , intend to create demand for sanitary facilities .These intend to create demand for sanitary facilities in the rural areas for household, schools and community sanitary complexes .These activity carried out under this component should be area specific and should also involve all sections of the community. For awareness generation Pamphlets, posters, leaflets, Banners and wall writing activity will be preferred. B. Training and capacity Building: - There will be two days training programme to beneficiaries of the programme. The content of training includes concept of sanitation, impact of water borne disease on health and economics of family, clean hands practices, drawback of open defecation, disposal of foul water, domestic soak-pit formation etc. The training create a strong desire to use clean water, hygiene and sanitation practice among ruaral people. C. Rural sanitation consultancy: - The staff provides consultancy required for the construction of not only sanitary latrines but also other sanitary facilities required for individuals, families and environment in the rural areas .The main objective of consultancy services is to construct toilets at lowest cost with available resources. e. Construction of Individual toilets - A duly completed household toilet has pitt, commode, small water tank and super structure. The programme is aim to cover all the rural families of selected villages. Convergence: Various agencies of government are providing subsidies and incentives for toilet construction. The programme volunteers connect willing people to connect with such incentive, filling up formalities and advocacy for sanctioning process. This will help a beneficiary to reduce cost of construction.

a. It will eliminate open defection to minimize risk of contamination of drinking water sources and food. b. This programme will prevent health hazards such as diarrhea, cholera, malaria, etc caused by poor sanitation. c. It will bring behavioral changes amongst the community on various aspects of water and sanitation. e. It will trigger the community to feel the need of stopping open defection practices.

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