Why Sammaan?

  • CSR compliance
    Listed companies today need to donate up to 2% of their average net profits over the last 3 years for socially responsible activities, according to Section 135 of Companies Act, 2013. Sammaan provides corporates the platform to effectively fulfil their corporate social responsibility.
  • Access to verified NGOs
    In the last year, licenses of around 1,500 NGOs were cancelled due to various credibility issues. With a platform that ensures due diligence of the NGOs enlisted on it corporates can now undertake CSR activities without worrying about their legitimacy.
  • CSR-friendly NGO programs
    NGOs enrolled on Sammaan provide clear and defined programs, objectives, expected outcomes and budgets. Corporates can access the NGO's profile and further enquire after the programs to their satisfaction.
  • List of diverse NGOs
    The NGOs outline all their social impact projects that span the entire spectrum of causes, sub-causes and geographies within India. Corporates can choose from a diverse set of NGOs engaged in different sectors.
  • Dashboard to monitor
    Registration on Sammaan gives corporates a dedicated program dashboard to monitor funding and progress of all the CSR programs initiated by them.

The Procedure

  • Registration
    Corporates listed on BSE will be sent a login id and password for Sammaan via email. Non Listed companies will need to register themselves on
  • CSR program search
    Upon login, corporates will be able to search CSR programs of their interest with the desired filter like state, district/city, cause, subcause, beneficiary etc. They can also view program details and seek clarifications from NGOs.
  • Selection of Program for Funding
    On selection of the program and donation details, the status will be updated on the dashboard. The interaction between the company and the NGO will not be visible to any other company.
  • Corporate Feedback
    - Go to 'Corporate Feedback' Tab. The feedback will be on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being "Unsatisfactory", 2 being "Average", 3 being "Satisfactory" and 4 being "Excellent". There will also be a text (Dialogue) box, for capturing remarks for each of the parameters. The feedback will be on the following parameters -

    1. Funds invested in project (Amount to be entered – Default value will be Sammaan value)
    2. Funds invested through Sammaan (Display only)
    3. Project Execution
    4. Project Impact
    5. Efficiency of Funds Utilization
    6. Overall Rating
    7. Would you recommend this NGO to another Corporate (Y/N)

    Only Corporates that have logged in will be able to give feedback. Feedback will be displayed only for Corporates that have logged in. Name of Corporate will be displayed along with feedback.
  • Dashboard
    1. Corporate's dashboard provides notifications
    2. Enables discussions and history of all communications
    3. Provides details about the history of the donations
  • Payment
    Corporates will send the cheque directly to the NGO. With every action there will be a status update on the dashboard of both the corporates and the NGOs.
  • CSR Compliance
    Corporates are requested to complete CSR Compliance Form every financial year. CSR Compliance form is a pre-requisite for the Sammaan to issue the CSR certificate.
Step by Step registering process for Listed & Unlisted Corporates:
  • On Home Page : Go to 'Corporate's' Tab , Click on Register
  • i)BSE listed Co. : Is automatically registered on Sammaan and do not need to register again. The Company;s compliance officer must have received a Log in & Password for SM, on the email ID that is registered with BSE . If you have not received it , please write to requesting for the log in details , with full name of company; the email that is used to correspond with BSE
  • ii) Unlisted companies – Can Register through clicking on the 'Corporate's' tab on the Home page. Complete the essential information on the profile page . On clicking on Submit, the system will send an email to the registered email, confirming the registration .
  • Kindly follow instructions as asked and reconfirm your email ID as asked.

    Hint : Mostly - Username will be your email id. Password will be the same created by you on the registration page.
  • Log in to Sammaan website . You can
    1. Search NGOs/CSR programs - as per Cause, Sub-cause, Location, Region etc.
    2. Select program based on the funding slab
    3. Interact with the listed NGO
    4. Register and upload investments made - on Sammaan.
  • Funding Process:
    1. On satisfaction and confirmation between donor and receipient corporates can complete the payment details.
    2. Corporates to upload the funding details - Amount, Payment Mode , Date , NGO name and address , Bank & Payment Details
    3. On completing the payment details, the same will be reflected on the Dashboard, after verification of payment
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